Purchased new and well maintained over the years, this versatile piece of equipment is considered to be the backbone of most Tool and Die shops.

Wire EDM

Mitsubishi FA 10 MD + Pro wire EDM. Enclosed in a dedicated climate controlled room for accuracy. 10 second auto threader, chiller, and submersible tank. 2 millionths resolution and cuts as it should, fast and accurate.

Vertical Milling Centers

Shizuoka B-5V and B-10V VMC’s primarily used for PTOP ops while prepping die sections and machining die shoes. Older Fanuc 11M controls are DNC drip fed from a workstation

Surface Grinders

Okamoto 12 X 24 inch automatic wet surface grinder with adjustable chuck.


The newest addition to the shop, this compact abrasive waterjet has become an integral tool for rapid prototyping.

Four-Slide Forming

Wire and strip forming equipment, capable of high volume runs.

Equipment List:

  • Shizuoka B-5V VMC CNC Mill Master
    • 28” X 16” Travels
  • Shizuoka B-10V VMC CNC Mill Master
    • 40” X 20” Travels
  • Vertical Manual Mill
  • Omax Protomax Waterjet
    • 12″ x 12″ Travels
  • Nilson 1000 (qty 2) Four-Slide Wire and Strip Forming
    • 0.375″ Max Strip Width
  • Nilson 1100 Four-Slide Wire and Strip Forming
    • 1.25″ Max Strip Width
    • 8″ Max Feed Length
  • Hardinge Lathe
  • Mitsubishi FA10 MD + Pro WEDM
  • Okamoto 12″ x 24″ Automatic Wet Surface Grinder
  • Boyer Schultze 6″ x 12″ Surface Grinder
  • DoAll 619 Horizontal Band Saw (1″ blade)
  • Vertical Bandsaw
  • Lincoln Welding Equipment (TIG, MIG, Stick)
  • Toyota 3,000 lb LPG Forklift
  • Mitutoyo Profile Projector / Optical Comparator
  • Misc. Fixtures, Tooling, and Inspection Equipment
  • Active seats for SolidWorks 2016 and 2019, Autodesk Fusion 360, HSMWorks and others