Need someone to help you develop your precision sheetmetal components? We’re here to help. Moore Tool & Die, LLC knows engineering. Many stamping houses can offer you advice. How many of them can sit down Engineer to Engineer and discuss stress, strain, fatigue, material performance, material options, and manufacturing issues? Moore Tool & Die, LLC is properly staffed and will help you engineer, prototype, and prepare your component for manufacturing. We understand that getting your product to market in the least amount of time and expense is critical to its success. We can help you meet that objective by having you leverage our experience in mechanical and tool design engineering. We offer many engineering, tooling, and prototype options to get the job done.

A successful product requires great tooling. This starts with a really good tooling design. Moore Tool & Die, LLC offers its design services to metal stamping companies that have their own captive tool making capabilities. Call us today if you would like us to produce a complete tooling design. Moore Tool & Die, LLC has extensive CAD/CAM experience. Our designs are produced in native Solidworks 2019, Fusion360 and Espirit CAD/CAM. 2-D CAD, such as Autocad can be provided as well.

Has your team considered in-house vertical integration? Sometimes you may have a process where this is justified. Moore Tool & Die, LLC can be a great addition to your engineering team. An example of vertical integration could include a process that uses precision sheetmetal components, such as contacts, that benefit from stamping at the point of assembly in plastic injection molding. Vertical integration eliminates the re-reeling packaging costs associated with offsite vendors. However, it could be that you have decided to bring metal stamping in-house because you feel that you can control quality and overall costs, we can help there as well. Call us today and we will be happy to help get your metal stamping project launched.

Moore Tool & Die, LLC has what it takes to make your next tool. We offer a level of services to fit your needs. We offer the following:

  • Complete 3-D tooling design produced in Solidworks and Fusion 360
  • Component and section preparation
  • Die inserts and punches
  • Complete die shoe and punch holder machining
  • Grinding and WEDM services
  • All the above put into kit form and shipped to your shop for final fit, assembly, and tryout
  • Complete turn key stamping dies

We offer these toolmaking services to stamping houses with captive toolrooms needing to add toolmaking capacity. Moore Tool & Die, LLC offers specific die making services that will help you shorten critical tooling build lead times. We offer most types of dies ranging from simple blanking and stage dies, all the way up to fully loaded progressive dies.

Moore Tool & Die, LLC offers general toolmaking to produce such items as jigs and fixtures used in machining, inspection, and assembly industries.

Moore Tool & Die, LLC has nearly 25 years experience designing and building 4-slide tooling for the electronics industry. We can design and build tooling for your personnel to setup and apply the final details. We design all our slide tooling in Solidworks to facilitate the hand off between our shop and yours. Moore Tool & Die, LLC is currently in the process of modeling most of the Nilson series 4-slide machines (Not for sale or distribution) to speed the design process for its slide forming customers.

Moore Tool & Die, LLC specializes in producing precision sheet metal prototypes from thin gage high tensile materials. The same craftsmanship that goes into each of our tool builds extends into the prototypes we make. Moore Tool & Die fully understands the importance of producing accurate prototypes that match your engineer’s design intent. Accurate prototypes are critical for evaluating product performance. Most shops can make you a prototype part that looks close to what the design engineer intended. However, a “good enough” inaccurate prototype with poorly collected inspection data can lead to erroneous results during your product’s validation. This can cause a number of delays and cost overruns for your project. We understand what your engineer is trying to accomplish. We also understand the importance of producing accurate prototypes. From the beginning we learn the background of your project, and offer suggestions in material selection for performance and DFM. During manufacture we carefully inspect each feature, note the specifications of the tooling used, and record the results for future reference. Our methodical approach to prototyping, and careful data collection, results in your engineering team producing an accurate product evaluation.