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Moore Tool & Die Designs, Builds and Services Metal Forming and Stamping Tools, Specializing in High-Volume Compact Precision Metal Components.  We Proudly Support Domestic Industries with a Focus on the Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and Technology Fields and ALWAYS Open and Excited to Discuss New Opportunities With  Manufacturers and Their Representatives

Progressive Sheet Metal Component - EMF RMF Shielding
Electrical Connector
Tool Punch Sharpening

Expertise in transforming concept to reality, with a focus on component inner-functionality and design cost effectiveness

In-house tooling capabilities ranging from one to one million components.  High-Volume capable precision metal stamping/forming equipment 

Tooling Repair, Redesign, Rebuilding, Reverse Engineering and General Servicing.  New Tooling & Die equipment designed  and built for you utilizing the latest CAD/CAM systems

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