We Infuse Engineering and Manufacturing By Implementing Ongoing Process Improvements for the Automotive Industry

BIW Fastener Installation

Design assistance of parallel process hardware insertion utilizing clinch hardware and Self Piloted Rivet technologies.  Experience with in-die tapping and clinch fastener installation products, including high-speed progressive stamping dies.       

Phased Production Growth

With an understanding of staged growth plans, Moore Tool & Die takes a balanced approach to design for manufacturing.  We recognize the rapidly changing environment surrounding  Beta Prototype and Release Candidate (RC) automotive assembly is an opportunity to discover manufacturing optimization strategies .  These strategies will be improved upon and optimized further as production needs accelerate.    

Automated Manufacturing

We work closely with local automation experts for future vertical integration of robotic assemblies.   Bring cycle times down  and reduce  labor related installation and assembly costs.  Assembly fixtures built in-house and tailored to your specific application needs.   


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